Heal Your Life® Workshops:

"The workshop has a tagline "Life-changing". It was impractical to expect two days can change one's life, but after the first day itself, I could feel and experience lot of change. Now I can confidently suggest to everyone that it does change life, for the one who is willing. "

     P Sireesha

“I feel like a transformed individual. The Heal Your Life workshop was conducted beautifully and it touches upon every aspect of our emotional being. I feel loved, elated and excited for life ahead.”


I am much more than satisfied after attending Heal your Life workshop. I am healed. Feels amazing to learn that I am the creator of my own life. An appreciation of oneself and gratitude towards universe can do wonders. 


Shyamala is such a gifted person. Her calm voice and smiling face is so reassuring and allows everyone to open their hearts. Her session was vibrant, powerful and healing. Very beautifully she tied everything up into a daily restructuring to allow changes to occur in our lives. Its such a joy to be in her workshop. Thank you and God bless you.


The workshop was powerful and deeply healing. I got presented to some issues which I was completely unaware of, at conscious level. What a lovely way of putting the exercises together in healing soothing voice. Thank you Shyamala. ~


In this workshop, I realized triggers of my day. Now I know when I need to change my thought patterns. I have wonderful perceptions towards life.

Dr. Smita.

Regression Therapies:

I underwent a past life regression with Shyamala and it was a very enlightening experience. She has capability to deal with very complex cases and I am really happy to have been introduced to her in my life journey. My life has changed and I am very grateful.

Shiv Shankar Sharma

The session with shyamala helped me to gain back my confidence. She is extremely friendly and very understanding. She is a great listener. Her sessions helped me connect with my higher self and I am at peace now. She is doing a commendable job in healing many grieving hearts. I wish her all the best. Lots of love and light.


Ms Shyamala helped me discover the true purpose of my life, i.e. being ever attached with GOD “The Holy spirit”.


I never knew the power of harnessing subconscious mind until I met Shyamala. My fear of heights gradually reduced to minimal, and my chronic shoulder pain has disappeared. Before seeking alternate healing, I had spent thousands of rupees on my medication, and now I am a sincere follower of alternate therapies, and I have also learnt some of them from her.


My 15 year old son had habit of thumb-sucking since he was one year old. He was loosing his self-confidence due to this habit. Within few sessions, he has got completely rid of his habit.


I was struggling to handle my grief and hurt trying to survive break-up from my boyfriend. I was feeling miserable and feeling victimized of my circumstance, and had “why-me” syndrome. Regression sessions so powerfully helped me to overcome all that pain and grief and I was empowered to make the right choices in my life, and was able to attract the right partner.


I was fortunate enough to attend this workshop. Shyamala took us to the depth during meditations and exercises. The sessions were very practical and useful. I learnt to love myself. Thank you.


The Past Life Refression session was very helpful for me. I used to be in stress because of this failed relationship and I learnt to let go after this. This helped me to come out of that trauma and understand my boundaries towards my relationship. Now I am confident that I will attract a loving relationship.


I am more at peace with myself. Though the issues in my life still exist, but I am able to accept people who are causing me hurt, the way they are. I have learnt to accept myself the way I am.


Reiki Classes

The Reiki attunement was wonderful and I felt transformed into another world. I have felt the power of Reiki in the workshop and I am confident it will help me to become a more positive and healthier person.


The experience was wonderful and ethereal, if I may call it as that. Thank you for passing the knowledge to us and enabling us to continue our healing journey .


Awesome workshop and it was very fun participating.


It was a wonderful experience, not like anything I ever had in my life. Thank you for making it possible.



Card Reading/Others

The Angel Card reading done by Shyamala for me resonated very well, and was exactly the guidance I needed that this point. I feel blessed to have this guidance.


I was amazed how; despite of being in different cities, tarot could so accurately depict my current life situation and challenges. I feel good with the guidance and thankful to Shyamala for her continuous support and passionate work.


I got excellent guidance on career development through the sessions and in six months I noticed miraculously positive changes in my career. It’s unbelievable.




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Eliminate negative beliefs, such as:

• Relationships don’t work
• Life is difficult
• I don’t matter
• I’ll never have what I really want

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I underwent a past life regression with Shyamala and it was a very enlightening experience. She has capability to deal with very complex cases and I am really happy to have been introduced to her in my life journey. My life has changed and I am very grateful.

-Shiv Shankar Sharma


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