Higher Self Therapy

This is a very powerful therapy where we use Hypnotic modalities and regressions to connect the individual to their higher self. The higher self or higher consciousness has all answers an individual seeks for the problems of their life. In fact, it even knows the reason of suffering and its required solution, only need is to be able to hash inside yourself without the interference of ego (conscious mind) and tap into this infinite source within. This therapy is tremendously useful to know purpose of your life, to solve confusions regarding matters in which you feel lost and stuck, and to find solutions in areas where you feel your progress is getting limited in life




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Eliminate negative beliefs, such as:

• Relationships don’t work
• Life is difficult
• I don’t matter
• I’ll never have what I really want

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I was fortunate enough to attend this workshop. Shyamala took us to the depth during meditations and exercises. The sessions were very practical and useful. I learnt to love myself. Thank you.



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