Past Life Regression therapy:

The system of Past Life Therapy (PLT) or Past Life Regression (PLR) necessarily entails a belief in the theory of reincarnation. The therapy works on the premise that the cause of a patient's physical and/or psychological ailments might result from a trauma that a patient had experienced in an earlier existence, or at any rate, by some sort of personal ordeal buried deep within the subconscious.
Past life regression is a wonderful healing process to resolve a an issue relating to an individual faced by him or her which is stopping them to reach their full potential and at times the person may be faced by issues and problems which may be limiting him or her to such an extent that they may feel as if they have been trapped into a cave with no opening. Regression is the experience of going back to an earlier time.

Past-life regression (PLR) involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime. Past-life therapy (PLT) is PLR used for emotional and spiritual healing. PLT sessions often include additional steps, such as visualizing healing energies, contacting higher beings, or communicating with past-life characters.
PLR can be induced through many methods, the most common being hypnosis.

Many people reject the idea of looking into a past lifetime for problems as they claim to have enough troubles in the present life. This sounds reasonable; however, in clinical practice, clients discover that present life conflicts and problems often stem from traumatic events in prior lifetimes.

Past life memories may come to us in many guises: the déjà vu experience; recurrent dreams, either of a specific location, or of a frightening event; a crippling phobia or unexplained, groundless fear. People who fear water, public speaking, or heights (to name just a few common phobias) often uncover the memory of a death by drowning, hanging or burning at the stake before a crowd, or falling from a high place.

As these past life traumas are explored and resolved in therapy, the phobias cease to exist for the clients. The process of past life therapy is being used effectively by mental health professionals in many countries. Through the emotional feelings and body sensations associated with an identified present life problem, the client is prompted to locate the source or cause of the problem.

This leads to the discovery of a pain-filled memory in a past life. The client, in the personality of the past-life character, is guided through the traumatic episode in the lifetime, and finally through the death experience. The therapist assists the client in resolving any remaining emotional issues, any unfinished business in that life, and to integrate the experience into the present life situation.
The past life character, as a spirit, moves away from the body and the death scene and fully into the Light. The narrative is similar to descriptions of the near death experience (NDE). Many emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy, usually in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy.

Many physical ailments are considered to be psychosomatic, and these conditions may begin to diminish or cease altogether through past life regression therapy.

Past lives therapy has proven to be a rapid and effective method of healing present life issues. It is a profound experience for the therapist as well as the client. It is truly a spiritual psychotherapy.

Another purpose of PLR is an educational journey into the spiritual reality, the so-called "inner planes" of consciousness. The subject can experience the greater reality of spirit, past, present, and in some cases future. There is a deeper realization of purpose in life, or lives, a clearer sense of the meaning of relationships and the transpersonal aspects of existence.



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